Always on – Safeguarding your digital assets.

Email is the biggest source of data breach, yet businesses continue to rely on their users to identify fraudulent and malicious emails – this is both an impossible expectation and a critical business risk.

Eliminate the instance for your users to make a costly mistake, by ensuring they are never put in a position to rely on guesswork when it comes to the legitimacy of an inbound email’s content, link, or attachment.

BlockAPT stops email-borne attacks and warns your users if cyber attackers are attempting to spoof, gain unlawful access or spread malicious scripts. Our security layered email defences uses the best in class solution to protect your organisation and safeguard you with a secure email gateway against fraud and hacking attempts.

Our intelligent email security solution gives your business leaders the confidence and assurance that their increasingly digital and remote workforce can freely collaborate and be productive without fear of falling for targeted attacks.

Intelligent email security:

  • Link impersonation attacks
  • Spear phishing
  • Business email compromise
  • Data / IP theft
  • Malicious attachments
  • Malware – ransomware, viruses, and spywar
  • Disruption and systems going offline

Key features

  • Fully automated Office 365 security layer that runs 24/7/365
  • First line of defence against fraudsters
  • Protection against advanced persistent email-based attacks
  • Keep data secure
  • Stay secured and productive with email service continuity
  • Intercept phishing attempts
  • Blocks malware and spam email content
  • Automated email based incident response
  • Threat intel and behavioural analysis reports

Business benefits

  • Eliminate human user error
  • Protect against targeted attacks
  • Instant integration with effortless implementation
  • Fully managed email protection service


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