Penetration Testing



Thinking like your enemy – Real-world attack simulations and vulnerability defence.

BlockAPT provides advanced Penetration Testing services combined with expert remedial advice by security analysts to help strengthen your organisation's security posture and protect your valuable assets.

Staying ahead of attackers means thinking and acting like one. BlockAPT offers a comprehensive Penetration Testing service that combines state-of-the-art testing and simulation tools combined with experienced ethical hackers who can think like a modern attacker.

We help businesses uncover critical or hidden vulnerabilities, security risks and actively hunt to expose security flaws. BlockAPT can cover a broad area of your business including web applications, network & infrastructure, endpoint applications and cloud services. We also help uncover and protect against threat-actors or insider threats with our social engineering and red teaming testing services.

Our security analysts use the best and latest thinking and methodologies to carry out testing, including the EC Council, OWASP and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks whilst threat hunting for vulnerabilities.

Before we start our testing phase, we run a deep-dive discovery workshop to scope your requirements. Our team then creates a testing storyboard, conducts reconnaissance to find weaknesses followed by active probing to exploit these vulnerabilities. We create a bespoke and actionable report, including analysis from a dedicated CISO to strengthen your security posture.

Testing services

  • Website & Application Testing
  • External Infrastructure and Firewall Testing
  • Firewall Rules Review and Testing
  • Cloud Environments & Security Testing – Azure & AWS
  • Network (on-site) Penetration Testing
  • PC Endpoints – Laptop and workstation testing
  • Onedrive, SharePoint or Google drive – Configuration security reviews
  • O365 Outlook Email – Phishing simulation
  • Password-based & DDoS attacks
  • Man in the Middle attacks

Key features

  • Identify security risks, vulnerabilities across your digital or physical environment
  • Internal Penetration Testing – posing as an insider with access to systems
  • External Penetration Testing – accessing systems like an outsider using remote-attacks
  • Black Box testing – testing against your URL/IP or domains
  • White Box testing – testing against defined applications, devices or infrastructure
  • Grey Box testing – a combination of Black and White Box approach of testing
  • 12 months of complimentary vulnerability scans when you select BlockAPT as a Penetration Test partner

Business benefits

  • State-of-the-art tools, simulations, exploits and testing methods
  • Expert analysts with industry recognised certifications (CEH, CE, CE+)
  • Proven history of delivering high-quality output throughout testing to reporting
  • Dedicated CISO to help you understand and address critical vulnerabilities
  • Supports rigid compliance, regulatory needs and protects intellectual property
  • Experience working across broad industries and complex infrastructures


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