Friday 8th Jan 2021

StressSec is a pandemic that is killing our SMEs.

‘StressSec’ is my coined term for being burned out by organisational cybersecurity demands, requirements and fire-fighting in the remote world.

This past year, the world has acknowledged that remote workers are constantly prone to high levels of stress and feeling of being physically and mentally drained due to navigating between technology and applications whether through emails, communication apps or video meetings. This results in a loss of productivity in the organisation.

Now take this stress, multiply it by 5 and add a solo CISO, CTO, IT Director or a skeleton team of IT/Security personnel at an SME to tackle this and we get ‘StressSec’. Imagine carrying the weight of cybersecurity on your shoulders in a remote world where you are constantly worrying of teams:

  • …. clicking a phishing link
  • …. falling for spoofed email attachment
  • …. trying their credentials on a fake website
  • …. not implementing strong passwords or 2FAs
  • …. not patching, updating devices or using secure configurations
  • ….. leaving end-points unprotected

The list goes on and on.

We hear this often from security peers and clients across the SME industry. AI launched attacks, next level ransomware threats, deep-fake phishing to possibly facing heavy regulatory fines in the event of a data breach. It all feels like an uphill battle to keep on top of security at all times.

Enterprise security teams can afford more resources but their counterparts at SMEs have to work with limited resources (Often IT management see is as a part-time responsibility as they are often individuals wearing multiple hats), constrained budgets, growing internal pressures, mounting workload and be on call 24/7. They also have to ensure new technologies are rolled out quickly – this leaves them almost no room to vet a new technology for vulnerabilities versus being labelled as a barrier for digital transformation in an organisation for taking too long. It is not a wonder why, according to reports, the average job tenure of a CISO is just 18-24 months when you compare it to the average of 5 to 8+ years on the job for other C-suites in the organisation such as the CEO and CFO.

When your Security and IT teams are stressed-out and possibly thinking of quitting or inadvertently letting their guard down due to burnout, we are all at risk.

SMEs need to bridge the gap between Security and Business urgently

Let us agree that no team can be everywhere at all times.

Let us agree that SMEs will continue to grow, scale and rapidly adopt new technologies in order to reach new audiences, tackle competition and disrupt the market.

However, we also recognise that security has to be everywhere – 24/7/365.  Increasingly, more security technology is thrown as the rising number of threats, but this adds to more disparate solutions in the organisation that again adds to the mounting workload that teams have to monitor and manage.  

Let us agree that just adds to the many pressures already facing SMEs.

Proactive solutions such as incident response and automation can impact the whole organisation positively.  Implementing automation, particularly within the security environment, means teams can respond to threats and incidents with confidence through automated workflow processes.

Let us agree that ‘StressSec’ is a pandemic in its own right that is killing SMEs.  One that we need to eradicate and bury before it spreads at an uncontrollable rate.

The goal is to reduce levels of StressSec so SMEs can focus on building and futureproofing their businesses.

Granted – it’s more easily said than done.  But we have made it our mission to raise awareness, educate and help SMEs win this contagious battle.

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