Wed 18 Nov 2020

Keeping vulnerabilities in check

The cyberthreat landscape is evolving at an alarming pace. Vulnerabilities are being discovered before the fixes are released.

It seems every other day, we hear about a new ‘exploit’ being discovered or taken advantage of by cybercriminals. The damage as we all know extends far beyond any fines or legal penalties, with a negative impact on brand, stakeholders and customers for years to come.

This week itself, we have witnessed:

  • Edinburgh Security Firm Discovers Major RackSpace Vulnerability
  • Bumble Vulnerabilities Put Facebook Likes, Locations And Pictures Of 95 Million Daters At Risk
  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes 17 critical flaws, Windows zero‑day
  • Apple patches three actively exploited zero‑day flaws in iOS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 could be hacked using this security flaw

(sources: Forbes & TechRadar)

These are an example of enterprises constantly fire-fighting to tackle vulnerabilities on their latest product or software releases.

Smaller businesses are ‘quick wins’ for exploiters

Cybercriminals are actively preying on the fact that smaller organisations tend to have lower cyber defences than enterprises, usually due to lack of financial and human resources.

By their very nature, thriving small businesses are innovative and niche, which again is very attractive to hackers who may be interested in data and intellectual property and know exactly how to pick out the weak targets. With AI-based hacking, exploits are being automated and continuously being pushed out to find an opening.

A vulnerability solution can help proactively identify network, application, and security vulnerabilities.

>>You can read more about our Vulnerability Scanning here.

Should your business DIY vulnerability scans?

With an increasingly digital and remote workforce, many businesses lack the IT resources, time or security know-how to efficiently discover, investigate and fix vulnerabilities across their IT estate.

Vulnerability scans can take time to set-up, results are difficult to review and prioritise without draining resources and remediation can be costly if there is no specialist to advise.

It is great if you can do this in-house by hiring a specialist team, implementing technology and procuring the best security scanning solutions, but the reality is that most Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) will find this to be a draining responsibility as it detracts from core business objectives.

Fix it, patch it, quick upgrade it

But wait.. do you really have the time?

Remember that protecting against vulnerabilities is beyond looking after your own IT ecosystem. The scope is much larger than fixing bugs as you need to consider the various operating systems, applications and 3rd party software that your organisation relies on.

This means potentially keeping up to date with Microsoft, AWS, Google, WordPress and many other services that you may use apart from your own systems. It is also worth mentioning that remediation requires a testing phase, which without knowledge may cause disruption. We can once again refer to the pace of patching and updates rolled out by enterprises to point out how this is an uphill battle.

BlockAPT as your trusted partner for Vulnerability Management

We can help your organisation safeguard against vulnerability exploits by doing all the heavy lifting, technical and resource-draining tasks with our very affordable managed vulnerability service.

Our continuous vulnerability scanning, reporting and remediation solution makes managing vulnerabilities business as usual while protecting you from the likelihood of compromising cyber attacks.

For decision-makers, our bespoke report will help you identify exploits that will impact on a technical and business level. This means you can prioritise and secure your business, web and applications based on a risk matrix.

If you are looking for a 24/7 fully automated and continuous vulnerability managed service, email us here: [email protected] or submit your query our webform below.

Andrew Buller
CCO – BlockAPT
Email: [email protected] | LinkedIn: @andrewbuller

“Remember vulnerability scans are also performed by cyberattackers who are actively trying to find weak points of entry into your network – you need to beat them to it.”



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