Wed 21 October 2020

SME – Myth #4: “My employees love me and love working here.

You and your employees get along great. Just last Friday you had a pint with them and took part in a fun quiz held on Zoom – our new reality called for a change of scenery to the usual pub by the office. You do what you can to make everyone feel valued and appreciated. So, you let your defences down and trust them to keep the company safe.

They love you, they enjoy working here… why would they jeopardise that. Right?

Right. That might very well be the case. However, studies have shown that the majority of insider threat cases are not an act of malice. Indeed, according to Ponemon’s ‘2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report’, planned credential theft constitutes a mere 23% of overall incidents. Most cases can be attributed to the negligent employee. This individual may have left their work phone unlocked in a café, forgot to update their laptop, or inattentively opened a phishing email. This creates an opening for cybercriminals to infiltrate the system and access your database. On average, each breach could cost up to £1.15m. That is a hefty loss for any business, but particularly SMEs. Not to mention, the opportunity costs that might ensue from this blow to your organisation’s reputation.

It is critical that security is embedded into the foundations of a business’ operations, including nurturing a security conscious workforce. Education and ongoing refresher training on cyber hygiene is key.

BlockAPT’s automated workflow processes ensure that not just rapid responses are dealt with efficiently and effectively but also with a preventative approach, Advanced Persistent Threats from cyber attackers are blocked, helping to reduce the onus on your employees to spot these sophisticated attacks.  In this way, providing a safety net for your business when your employees fail to protect it.

If you are an SME, BlockAPT can support you to prevent the ever-increasing number of cyber threats and attacks facing your online web applications while you’re dealing with the challenges of having to deploy a distributed workforce.

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Raj Meghani

CMO – BlockAPT
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