Wednesday 8th July 2020

SME – Myth #2: “Cybercriminals aren’t interested in targeting SMEs”


The notion that attackers only target the enterprise is a dangerous misconception. If you hold this belief as an owner of an SME, and it manifests in your security protocol, you are not only misinformed: you are also at even greater risk of being attacked and having your data compromised.

Given their general lack of cybersecurity expertise, skills and investment, SMEs are a soft target for cybercriminals, particularly at this time when an unprecedented number of remote workers, and their endpoint devices, are protected by inadequate solutions (or not protected at all). This climate of financial uncertainty, onset by the COVID-19 pandemic, also means the costs of a cyber-attack could be even greater than ever for smaller businesses, not least the rise in cyber insurance costs associated with heightened cyber risk.

We appreciate the stresses and costs of maintaining a secure working environment during these uncertain times can be a huge drain on already dwindling resources and team morale.

To ensure we’re doing our bit to help SMEs to stay secure and minimise costs, we’re offering a free 60-day access to our web security solution for all eligible businesses.

In addition to protecting and optimising your online business critical web applications in a cost- effective manner, you will also benefit from: 

  • Fully integrated web application protection, security events management, and DDoS protection – all from a single command and control dashboard.
  • Active monitoring of your online web services and detection of web-based attacks.
  • Automatic security alerts, ability to prioritise, respond and block web-based cyber-attacks.
  • Single visibility across your web-based threat landscape – 24/7.
  • Ensure a fast response to targeted web-based threats against your business.
  • Mitigate against financial and reputational risks by preventing web-based malware breaches from being installed and distributed.

As an SME, we’ll support you to prevent the ever-increasing number of cyber threats and attacks facing your online web applications while you’re dealing with the challenges of having to deploy a distributed workforce.

To see if you’re eligible, please register here.


RAJ MEGHANI – Passionate about cybersecurity





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