Friday 5th June 2020

SME – Myth #1: “I bought Norton 360, so I’m safe.”


You might be tempted to think that Norton 360, or any similar security software, has the capability to keep you and your business cybersafe. This is not a surprise when product descriptions affirm a vast suite of protections from a secure VPN, a password manager, and defences against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, malware… the list goes on.

Undeniably, possessing such a comprehensive kit is a fundamental component of any sound security strategy. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to assume that you can now put your feet up and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals do not take to holidays like the rest of us. Rather, they depend on our complacency to formulate their next plan of attack. Indeed, their methods continue to grow more sophisticated by the day. As security software is programmed according to a bank of existing viruses or malware, there is no guarantee that they can block, let alone identify, a new threat.

Fileless malware is a great example of a refined threat that often slips under the radar. As the name indicates, instead of installing a corrupt file, bad actors conceal malware on the back of legitimate applications already running on your device. From there, they can play mischief with the operating system whilst remaining undetected. According to TrendMicro, traditional security software programmes were pushed to their limits as they witnessed a 265% growth in fileless attacks in just the first half of 2019, compared to the preceding year.

In another instance, criminals have simply turned security software companies on its head, from a security providing service to the carrier of a virus. On these occasions, bogus antivirus alerts warn customers that their system is at risk, requiring them to ‘update’ their software.

At the end of the day, tools such as Norton 360, are useful to have but not fool-proof.

Businesses need to be proactive in their approach. BlockAPT’s platform allows its customers to stay one step ahead of the game by offering a clear picture of any and all threats across the network. Moreover, their malicious activities can be swiftly put to a stop with the application of our advanced, automated responses.

Not just stopped but with our BlockAPT platform’s preventative approach to block repeat offenders, SMEs have peace of mind their business is safeguarded against cybercriminals.

RAJ MEGHANI – Passionate about cybersecurity





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