Empowering you with an advanced, intelligent cyber defence platform.

Monitor, Manage, Automate and Respond to cyber threats – 24/7.

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We protect our customers digital assets by unifying operational technologies against advanced persistent threats.

Single point solutions cannot achieve this.

We have deeply integrated our BlockAPT platform with leading edge solution providers to more effectively defend against and prevent cyberattacks and cybercrime. The time for single point solutions has come to an end.

With an intelligent and proactive approach, our platform elevates us above other solution providers from being solely reactive to being preventative.

As threats get sophisticated and more frequent, we help you to securely monitor, manage, automate and respond to them providing transparency, cost savings and efficiencies. More importantly perhaps providing peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

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BlockAPT goes beyond SIEM and SOAR.

It’s in a class of its own.

Our unique platform offers a deep integration throughout multiple layers of security and enables both disparate and legacy systems to work seamlessly together to provide transparency through a single pane solution.

Operating with a Monitor, Manage, Automate and Respond (MMAR) framework, BlockAPT brings together threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device management and incident response management under one interface to help customers significantly lower the cyber risks against their entire digital assets and infrastructure. Our BlockApt platform can be deployed on-premise on a virtual or physical appliance.


Our BlockAPT platform offers deep integration throughout multiple layers of security enabling a single view across all your applications.


Integrated with several leading vendors, you can benefit from having threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device and incident response management all on one platform.


Single command & control of your devices with automated responses enables vulnerability scans, threat intrusion monitoring and modelling prevention – 24/7.


Our incident response solution can be integrated into your change control applications and communication processes to ensure compliance across your ecosystem.


iCyber-Security has rebranded to a new more cohesive brand – BlockAPT. Our new brand reinforces our individuality, technological advancements
and communicates why we are truly in a class of our own.

Key Benefits

Spend less time on security management and focus on your core business needs.

Automated Migration

Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Security Services

Automated Backup & Restore

Web Threats

Security Design & Planning

AQASenior Network Engineer

We benefited from iCyber-Security (BlockAPT) expertise to migrate our entire ADC infrastructure to significantly increase the performance, security, and availability of our business critical online applications.

Kongsberg CorporateInfrastructure Services Group Manager

iCyber-Security (BlockAPT) has vast expertise across the entire F5 stack and we benefited from their knowledge of virtual data centre, powered by VMware ESX.

CapitaProject Manager

We worked with iCyber-Security (BlockAPT) on projects to deliver complex F5 infrastructure stacks with F5 LTM and APM. I will certainly recommend iCyber-Security (BlockAPT) services!

HP ES on the BP AccountProgramme Manager

Throughout the design and implementation of our core Internet Facing Web Infrastructure iCyber-Security (BlockAPT) consultants delivered the project on time and on budget!

CDWSenior Network Engineer (NOC)

Thank you so much for your help with the F5 training. I really appreciate the effort you put into delivering the material. I hope I get the chance to attend another one of your courses. Once again a big thanks!


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